Thursday, July 19, 2012

Custom Family Name Hanger

The pictures of these do not do them justice.  They are absolutely ADORABLE and will make a GREAT Super Saturday project.  


These kits are available as VINYL and PAPER or VINYL only.  I am not offering kits inclusive of wood for this items.  The wood is cut from 1/2 MDF cut in 4" wide pieces in varying lengths from 4.5" to 7".  The small "the" and "family" are cut from 1/4 MDF measuring 2" x 3" and 2" x 6".  If you do not have your own saw, your local home improvement will happily cut the MDF down to the desired widths.  Back support board is cut from a 1 x 2 scrap board.

When ordering these kits, please be sure to note the number of letters in each name.  Pricing is based on per letter and the "the" and "family" are included in the price and there is no additional charge for these.

Vinyl Only: $.75 per letter
Vinyl and Paper Only: $1.00 per letter

Block lengths will be advised with final order.


  1. How do you glue them together?

  2. Also any other color options or only yellow?